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Papa’s Next Chefs 2017 Winners!

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By , June 22, 2017 11:49 am

Hey Everyone…

You did it! You, the fans, have completed another successful Next Chefs Tournament, and your voices have been heard. Papa’s Next Chefs are… Carlo Romano and Koilee!!!!

We are far from ready to reveal anything for the next web gameria, but we are super excited for these two to join the ranks as chefs. How about a big round of applause for the runners up, Wylan B and Perri. Although this was quite a heated tournament, it was fun nonetheless.


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Travel Trout Tours: The Surf Shack

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By , June 21, 2017 2:27 pm

Hey Everyone,

Welcome back to Travel Trout Tours. This week we are on Calypso Island to visit the Surf Shack.

Winding your way along the boardwalk, you will come upon an unassuming yellow bungalow overlooking the pristine beach. The large Surf Shack sign and wide open doorway beckon you into the shop. Here you will find the owner, Kahuna, waxing up a longboard for the next surfing class. His store has everything you need for your vacation on Calypso Island. A wide variety of Sundresses, Shades, Snorkels and more line the walls of the Surf Shack.


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Sneak Peek: The Build Station

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By , June 20, 2017 11:08 am

Hey Everyone!

In the original Papa’s Pizzeria, things were extremely simplified when it came to building a pizza. When it was time to make a pizza, you were presented with a premade pizza that had sauce and cheese already applied. Although this kept things nice and simple, it felt like something was missing.

So for Papa’s Pizzeria HD, we completely remade the whole pizza building process! Let us guide you through the new and improved Build Station…

The first step in building a pizza is choosing the crust, we’ll have traditional, crispy, along with a wide variety of other crusts that you’ll unlock as you play. Once you picked the correct crust, it’s time to choose the sauce.

When the sauce choices spin into place, you’ll notice a dashed circle who’s size is growing and receding. You’ll want to click on the correct sauce button when the circle is at its largest point. After that, the crust will be sauced based on your timing…

You will do the same thing for the cheese…

Once the pizza is sauced and cheesed, the toppings will roll in and you can place them on the pizza according to the customers specifications.

So now you can choose different crusts, sauces, and cheeses. The shear amount of unique pizzas you can make with theses different combinations is absolutely crazy!!!


Stay tuned for more sneak peeks of the game that’s 10 years in the making… Papa’s Pizzeria HD!



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PNC 2017 Finals: Carlo vs Wylan B | Perri vs Koilee

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By , June 19, 2017 1:58 pm

Papa’s Next Chefs:¬†Carlo vs Wylan B & Perri vs Koilee.
Vote now and decide who will be Papa’s Next Chefs!

  • Carlo (6,470 votes)
  • Wylan B (3,888 votes)

Loading ... Loading ...


  • Perri (4,860 votes)
  • Koilee (5,542 votes)

Loading ... Loading ...


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Foodini’s Friday Games!

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By , June 16, 2017 9:36 am
Super Treadmill
Help Billy burn away his fat by exercising on Uncle Rico’s Super Treadmill. Play Now!
Tokyo Guinea Pop
Bubble Guinea Pop returns, this time in Tokyo Zoo. Help the Guinea Pigs use snakes and bubblegum to rescue the animals from the ZooWrangler!
Play Now!
Sugar Sugar 2
Draw and get enough sugar in the cups! Complete all 30 levels and unlock a bonus freeplay mode! Play Now!


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